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Guys Pliz suggest me the LOWEST BROKERAGE CHARGES for TRADING in Stock Market in India?

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Guys Pliz suggest me the LOWEST BROKERAGE CHARGES for TRADING in Stock Market in India?

Postby loren55 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:29 am

Dear Frendz, pliz suggest me some of the CHEAPEST BROKERAGE CHARGES for TRADING in the Stock Market in India.Coz , many of the Brokerage Companies charge huge and take away a major share of ones PROFIT.I m Trading in the ICICI DIRECT.COM,where Brokerage Charge is Huge.Suppose you make a Profit of Rs.3000,then half of the money will be gone in Brokerage.So guys pliz help me by suggesting few Companies where I can minimise my Brokerage Charges n remain in more Profit.Also suggest me best softwares of those Brokerage houses where I can Trade with Confidence and without Interruption and with maximum Technical Tools.
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Guys Pliz suggest me the LOWEST BROKERAGE CHARGES for TRADING in Stock Market in India?

Postby luki14 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:46 am

You say ICICIDirect.com charges huge brokerage. But, HDFCSec.com charges even more brokerage as far as I know. I personally feel that you must not just run after brokers who claim to charge very less brokerage. I WILL TELL YOU WHY YOU MUST NOT DO THIS MISTAKE? Although, on the face of it everyone in this world would like to save on what is being charged to him (as services). But, my point is we need to draw a line somewhere. For example, would you just run after brokerage without taking into consideration of SAFETY? There is saying in Marathi which if literally translated in Hindi means "Kuch Cheeze Mehengi Lagti Hai. Par Asal Mein Mehengi Nahi Hoti. Aur Kuch Cheeze Sasti Lagti Hai. Par Baad Mein Mehengi Padti Hai!" (A Few Things look costly; but in reality they aren't that costly (if you take QUALITY AND SAFETY IN MIND). On the other hand, a Few things may initially look cheap. But, buying those things can prove costly in future. (Both in terms of MAINTENANCE THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO SPEND OVER THEM IN FUTURE AND ALSO AFTER TAKING IN TO CONSIDERATION THE "SAFETY" ASPECT"). For example, you can buy a Water Heater/Geyser (of some lesser known brand) which is cheapest in the Market. But, afterwards, you may end up spending a huge amount in maintaining the Geyser in form of labour and spare part charges as you may be required to keep on repairing that Geyser which you thought was Cheap. Again, what about SAFETY? WHAT IF THAT GEYSER BLOWS OFF SOME DAY INJURING YOU SEVERELY LIKE YOU LOSE YOUR EYES IN THAT BLAST! I will give you a very good example regarding this. Just a few months back I came across a news item shown on a leading Marathi News Channel which showed that a guy had bought a low cost-high feature Mobile phone which was Made in China. That guy wanted attractive features in his mobile phone; but at the same time was not willing to buy such a phone of leading players like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, etc. He got tempted into buying this Chinese Low Cost-High Feature Mobile phone. But, unfortunately, when he tried to charge the phone there was a blast and he lost eyesight in that blast. So does it make sense? Companies like Nokia, Samsung, etc. take great care while making the phone as well as the Batteries that they use in their phones (Generally, they don't burst like a Bomb! But, these Chinese Mobile Phones are really dangerous although they might be dirt cheap!) As soon as I saw this news item I got reminded of the Marathi saying and understood that this guy had to pay with with eyesight and this "Cheap" Mobile had turned "Costly" for him (justifying the Marathi saying "That some things look cheap but they turn out to be costly in future"). Now, compare this with your brokerage stuff. There are 2 things about this Low Brokerage offered by various lesser known brokers that you need to consider. One is CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY (which ICICIdirect hopefully Provides). Second is are those claims of low brokerage REAL?
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Guys Pliz suggest me the LOWEST BROKERAGE CHARGES for TRADING in Stock Market in India?

Postby boseda » Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:47 am

Share khan, Kaarvy.
Both are good.
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