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Computer Science Help!?

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Computer Science Help!?

Postby meldon » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:45 pm

Hey everyone! I need a bit of help!

I'm researching the evolution of PlayStation consoles. However, now I'm need of linking this topic to another field (such as economics, art, geology, linguistics, climatology, and so on). I was a bit confused as to how to do this.

In other words, I need to link the subject of computer science to another subject such as those mentioned above.

Could you please help me out and provide me with a few examples please :) !
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Computer Science Help!?

Postby taidhg » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:54 pm

Massed collections of popular boxes like playstation have been formed into supercomputers. So that is how you get from playstation to something else in Computer Science. As well, most modern computers are more capable than the supercomputer of the 1970s. See Cray for more detail.

Economics: supercomputer like power would be needed to understand and predict the economy, if it could be done at all: one of the predictive elements is knowing that the other players will use supercomputers too. A special form of trading on the stock market is done almost entirely by machine these days.
Climatology: Same, to predict the path of a hurricane you need much data, a model of how that data will work, and a supercomputer to run that model on for real time or faster results. For future studies, a totally detailed idea of not only day to day forecasts but decade to decade could be a lifesaver, and could inform decisions we need to make now.
Face recognition is both CS algorithm development and computer power. It may be a branch of Art.
Translation is similar.

There are generally several ways to solve a problem, and clever is sometimes needed. But brute force can be done if the computer power available is large enough.
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