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Technical Analysis questions.......?


1. How do you find what set of indicators work best on a particular investment?
Is there a formalized process for this?

2. What is the difference in usage when it comes to daily, weekly and monthly charts?

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European "Dogs of the Dow"?

anybody know anything about applying the Dogs of the Dow theory to Eropean stocks? How do I find out about this?
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Technical analysis the concept of Dow Theory?

Confirmation in the Dow Theory comes when both the industrial and railroad averages reach
new highs or new lows together on a daily closing basis.

My question is that what two indexes should i be looking at when it comes to TSX? should I be looking at TSX vs TSX Venture?
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What are the 30 stocks that make the Sensex index?

Dogs of the Dow theory made famous by Michael O'Higgins. It takes all of the research, strategy and guesswork out of investing.Here's how it works
~ Once each year, look at the 30 stocks in the Sensex and pick the 10 with the highest dividend yield. A high dividend yield is an indication that a stock is under-priced. According to the Dogs of the Dow theory, such stocks are the best candidates for a jump ...
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Is financial Armageddon upon us?

Things are getting a whole lot worse a whole lot faster than you may think. You may have heard of the Dow Theory? Over a hundred years ago Dow calculated when the market goes over 14000 it would cross a point of no return. And the corresponding down turn would achieve what is called critical market mass. This has been confirmed by the use of Nostradamian like Fibonacci retracement. The folly of mice and men ...
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Dow theory question? Investments..?

Dow theory asserts that three forces are at work in the stock market at any time. Which of the following is not one of these Dow theory forces?
a. Daily price fluctuations
b. A secondary reaction or trend
c. Company earnings and cash flow growth
d. Reversals or overreactions

can someone explain to me which of these is the right answer and why? I'm curious!
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