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What are the ongoing reporting requirements of companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange?

I am currently working on an assignment in university, and this question is one of the questions that must be answered. Research through the internet and various library databases have proven unsuccessful so far. I was just hoping if somebody would be able to help me with this question, or even guide me on the path to the correct answer.

How can I get prices on stocks that are listed on the chinese stock exchange?

hong kong stock exchange www.hkex.com.hk

shanghai stock exchange www.sse.com.cn

Are there any Chinese radio stations spoken in Shanghainese dialect?

I'd like to be able to stream them online, too. From what I've checked so far, the stations controlled by Shanghai Media Group is all in Mandarin, and I don't know if any independent radio stations stand outside of these media groups. Anyone know of any?

How to open a bank account in BOA for an alient?

I want to get a checking account with BOA(bank of america). But I live in China, and I can't go to US physically. So can you help me to get my desired account? If you can help me, plz contact me. [email protected]
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How to measure if an IPO is successful?

Hi Investment Professionals,

I would like to seek help with the following 2 questions.

Thank you so much for your help.

1. How to measure if an IPO is successful?

Eg. In the news that Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) had its IPO last week on Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges, and before its IPO, the ABC said it is likely going to raise $19.2 billion.

So, in what length of time when they ...
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7. In some countries, financial institutions operate under Shariah, which also gives guidance about accounting practice in these companies. What is “Shariah?”a) Shariah is the financial accounting standards board in Saudi Arabia.B) Shariah is the law governing human conduct that is derived from the Koran.C) Shariah is the codification of banking regulations in the European Union.D) Shariah is a political system used in South American countries.

8. Assets are commonly shown in order of their ...
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Where Do I Get A Realtime Stock Analysis Software??

In China, there're quite some real time stock softwares. Basically they're the same thing. Offer real time quotes, info, charts, VERY detailed technichal analysis.... People can browse,anaylysis and trade with this software.... Is there such a software in America?

I'm a Chinese and would like to get familiar with American stock market from now on. So if there's such a software it'd be of great importance to me. Any stock guru can guide me through ...
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Why do "50 cents party" members hate Jews in Chinese?

The question below me about the Shanghai stock exchange is an obvious attempt you should there hateful mind spinning, Jew bashing views.
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