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They go back to school to get more

They go back to school to get more specialized skills so they can earn more money
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What's the difference between how a brokerage transaction works with traditional mutual funds vs an ETF?

An ETF trades like a stock, so you pay the standard trade fee to buy and sell. A mutual fund has its own policies and costs, some brokerage companies allow you to buy and sell for free, some have fees associated. If you are going to buy mutual funds, I would do it through the mutual fund company and bypass the broker.

What is forex > is it profitable ?

some people talking about forex, what forex is ?
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Would a city buy government securities through mutual funds in a managed account from a person w/ a series 65?


In the first place, government bond funds--actually, any type bond mutual funds--are lousy investments with great risk of principal since the mutual fund is perpetual. Your money doesn't "mature", and when bond prices decline it is the government bonds that take the biggest hit because they have less credit risk. Market risk is HUGE.

They will laugh you out of the room two seconds after they realize what you're proposing.

What do the financial consultants do at the Forex?

It says the position is financial consultant, and you don't even need a bachelor degree, but you have to go through training and 2 months internship.

I'm wondering, what are the jobs the "financial consultant" will do at the Forex?
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Tax implication if an NRI invests in shares of non listed company?

While many Non-Resident Individuals (NRIs) are located out of India, they might be well aware about the long term growth story of India and the growth prospects of Indian equity markets. Even though they might be willing to benefit by investing a portion of their portfolio in Indian equities, it is highly unpractical for them to be an active investor in Indian equities. One of the hurdles they often face is the time difference, due ...
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Short term investments?

Okay so I entered a Stock Market simulator competition for this club I'm in at school and I really want to do well. I have until december 16, 2011 to beat the S&P 500 index by as much as we can. To do so, I was given $100,000 (fake money of course) to trade in real time. So far I've bought stock in copper and gold, a turkey company, an entertainment company, as well as ...
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I plan to invest in mutual funds .....suggest some good fund with high returns and also the time duration.?

i have heard about ELSS schemes with high risk ...tell me the time duration i can do SIP in those ......i heard they are also not doing so well off late ......i am a new investor

Forex trading and domestic currency risk?


if you trade a currency pair (eur/usd), neither of which is your own domestic currency (gbp), how much of an affect can changes in the gbp/eur and gbp/usd exchange rates have on your trade?
are you effectively exposed to 3 currency risks?

for an example; suppose you live in the uk, and you go long on eur/usd. but while you are holding that position, the eur crashes relative to the gbp. when you close ...
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