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Chemicals Company

:?: is Haryana Chemical Industries is good company
url:- http://www.galvanizingchemicals.com/
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How do taxes on investments work for someone who is unemployed in Florida...?

I had money saved up from a year ago. Recently, I bought Cmg at 220 and sold at 295. Im using the proceeds to buy books and food, which thankfully are not taxed. The only thing that pains me is how money is taxed virtually infinitely. My money is growing slowly, but I have to stake a huge amount each time to turn a profit. I was considering penny stocks but heard it is virtually ...

Why are Gas prices going up again?

Now the truth in my opinion is coming out, I think it is nothing more then GREED of the big oil companies which constantly have record profits from taking advantage of the consumer because they know that they need gas to get to work, school or where ever they need to go. We can't say this time that it is because of the speculators which in all honesty I never believed for a minute. The ...
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Basics of trading penny stocks?

i want to start trading penny stocks, but i want to know some basics about it like should i open a banking account separate from my checking, how much should i start off with, and any good tips for beginners?im 21 yrs old working full time but i want to start earning income apart from my job. thanks! anything will help
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How does typing in online orders for stocks work?

Im buying stocks for the first time. I want to know this. Say this stock trades for $11.68 on stock screen. I want to buy in when it's little cheaper so I order in 100 shares at $11.35. However, stock price rise about .18 for the next 15 minutes. Does my order get automatically cancelled? or is my order in hold for next few while? I have TD Waterhouse account.
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Question about online stock trading sites?

Why do most online stock trading sites (such as E-Trade) require a ONE TIME $500 (or other amount) cash deposit within 2 months of opening the account in order to keep the account active? What is the purpose of that deposit?
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Which of the following statements is false?

a. Sector funds invest in stocks only in one particular industry
b. Income-equity funds invest in companies that do not pay any dividends
c. Aggressive growth funds invest in stocks that have a potential for both high risk and high return
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Hi i am doing my bcom, is there any financial training courses or certification course?

in finance completing which u get a job in india or abroad
say CFA certification course, CFP certification course etc

thank you :)

Why are stocks worth anything?

Does a stock give you a percent of its profit to you?
I know that you buy it to own part of a company, but what is the point of the stock of you don't get anything from it unless you sell it for more?
Why do people keep buying stocks?
this is very confusing to me!!!!
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How much dedication is needed for online trading?

Hi! I am a salaried person working in automobile manufacturing company in India. I work for 25days in a month. My office timings are from 08:45 hours to 18:00 hours. I had recently done some study on online trading and I am thinking to start online trading by myself to earn some extra income to support my family. Hence, I am thinking to take some professional trading course which costs rupees 97000 (i.e. USD 2000) ...
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