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What is the symbol for the german dax?

The DAX 30 (also known as the Deutsche Aktien Xchange 30) represents a stock market index that is composed of the 30 of the largest companies in terms of market capitalizations that are listed on Germany's Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Notable companies that are currently in the DAX 30 include automobile manufacturers BMW and Volkswagen, and pharmaceutical companies, Merck and Bayer.

Officially, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, its symbol is DAX. However, since this is an ...
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SAP Americas is a subsidiary of SAP AG, the world's largest business software company and the third-largest software supplier overall. SAP Americas' corporate headquarters is located in Newtown Square, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. Our officers and executives lead a team of professionals dedicated to delivering high-level customer support and services.

Founded in 1972 as Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing, SAP has a rich history of innovation and growth that has made us ...
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Does anyone know what DAX stands for?

DAX (abbreviation of Deutscher Aktienindex (German Stock Index )) is a Blue Chip stock market index consisting of the 30 major German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Prices are taken from the electronic Xetra trading system. The L-DAX Index is an indicator of the German benchmark DAX Index's performance after the Xetra electronic-trading system closes. The L-DAX Index basis is the "floor" trade (Parketthandel) at the Frankfurt stock exchange; it is computed daily ...
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Some explanations about NASDAQ,CAC,DAX,DOW please?

These are all stock market indices. An index measures the performance of a collection of stocks in order to better gauge how the whole stock market is doing. The NASDAQ (which stands for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system) is an index of the more than 3,000 companies traded on the NASDAQ electronic stock market exchange. This index has a relative abundance of technology stocks. The CAC is an French stock market index ...
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Who is NEW ATHONA MINES and what is their stock ticker?

Lakota Resources was first formed in 1937 as Athona Mines Limited. In 1954, the name was changed to New Athona Mines Limited in a consolidation, and another consolidation occurred in 1995 to form Lakota Resources Inc. In 2002, there was a stock split on a two-for-one basis, and again in February 2004 Lakota announced another two-for-one stock split. The company's common shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol LAK, and also ...
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The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is open to the public?


try here
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What does SAP training stand for?

SAP (pronounced S - A - P, not sap) stands for Systems, Applications, and Products for data processing. It is the third largest software company in the world, after Microsoft and Oracle.

SAP is the world’s leading provider of business software solutions. People in businesses around the globe are improving relationships with customers and partners, streamlining operations, and achieving significant efficiency throughout their supply chains. The unique core processes of various industries, from Aerospace, Utilities, ...
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Can an indian student studying in germany do trading in german stock exchange ? ( 18 years old )?

You can open a stock portfolio at a bank or online broker and have them place orders for you, yes.

You can *not* walk into the Frankfurt stock exchange and place orders yourself.

Apple computers questions?

1. In the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, what is Apple’s 3 letter stock quote abbreviation?

2. Who is considered to be the “third founder” of Apple?

3. What video-game company did Steve Jobs work for before Apple?

4. “Freakin’ Awesome” was a rating icon used in reviews for “what” Apple enthusiast magazine?

5. What Apple branded PDA helped pave the way for the iPhone?

6. What Apple software title helps users dual load both Leopard and ...
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Create your own Foreign Stock Share portfolio??

Would it br profitable to buy stock shares from foreign stock exchanges short term? NOT REFERING TO ADRs! NO ETFs! LETS SIDESTEP CURRENCY FLUCTUATIONS! I mean like the London stock exchange, the Frankfurt stock exchange, the Mexican, and Russian stock exchanges, others. If you look at the various exchange websites some of the stocks on them have very high returns, even higher than USA stocks. Why not put together a portfolio of each of the ...
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