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Can't find how to play Bloomberg US TV in Real Player 11. Advice please?

I have tried several different ways and Ubuntu suggests a way but I am cautious, It plays perfectly in PCShowbuzz. Maybe a codec is required but Real are reluctant to reply

Are women attracted to creative, artistic guys?

So I like to write as a hobby. Of course I hope to be published someday. I've received some positive letters that seemed promising but haven't quite made it yet. I mostly write fiction. Some of my stories are romantic and have happy endings. Others end in tragedy. Some would fall under the psychological thriller genre. I also play the piano and yes I can play just about all of Taylor Swift's songs lol. I ...
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Discuss the sub-prime crisis in US and its effect on the world economy??

yes.. the mortgage lenders who reselling their customers mortgages on US bond markets were also selling across all major international bond markets.

The Australian sharemarket (asx) took a hit today, for among other things, as it was revealed supperannuation funds had been buying these bonds backed by sub-prime mortgages....

Also, the US economy and its consumer market sucks up much of the world's exports. As the sub-prime crisis expands and swings into a full recession ...

Grabbing a video file from a website?

I needed to grab a few videos from this website but all programs and plugins I used seem to be unable to save it. The site seem to be using windows media player in case your wondering.

here is one of the few video if you want to try yourself:
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Song title? "I was meant to love you I was meant to **** you I was meant to adore you a love like you"

looking for the title and artist for this song. It is a rock / alternative song....very energetic guy singing....some of the lyrics are "I was meant to love you I was meant to **** you I was meant to adore you...a love like you". Please help! Thanks

Kobe vs Lebron on who is the best?

Kobe has won all states in the USA except in Cleveland!

Kobe has won in international poll

ESPN POLL on who is the best player in the NBA?


Kobe - 74%
LeHYPE - 26%


Lebron fans should stop crying!
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Limit x --> 0 x / sin (4x)?

You can also use the identity sinx/x = 1

lim x-->0 x / sin(4x)

lim x-->0 (4/4) (x / (sin4x))

lim x--> 0 (1/4)(4x / (sin4x))

asx--->0, 4x-->0

(1/4) * 1 = 1/4
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What tires for my 04' TSX?

Help! I need 2 new tires on the front of my 2004 Acura TSX within the next 2000 miles. The car alone has 93 k on it but is in great shape. I am a college student who works part time (NO MONEY). Firestone gave me a price of $415 for two tires and the rotate and balance without alignment. I feel that's not a good deal. Any suggestions on where to buy else were ...
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Has seven bought yahoo answers (new logo top left)?

No, Yahoo owns Yahoo Answers 100%.

Wikipedia has some other information :


Yahoo!7 is a 50-50 partnership between the Seven West Media Group and Yahoo! Inc. in Australia. The partnership’s assets are Seven Network's TV channels, the magazine publisher Pacific Magazines and Yahoo! Australia & New Zealand's online properties.


Seven West Media Limited is an ASX-listed media empire and is Australia’s largest diversified media business, formed by the sale of Seven Media Group ...
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Why is the Stand & Poor called Stand & Poor?

Why can't they call it something more upbeat like Outlandish & Wealthy?
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