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Why do we have to say BP not British Petroleum?

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Why do we have to say BP not British Petroleum?

Postby chaunce8 » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:11 pm

BP has not been "British Petroleum" since it merged with the US firm Amoco in 1998, the firm insists that it is "Beyond Petroleum", therefore distancing itself from being a former British firm.

So why the hell should Britain take ownership and responsibilty over an American parented firm, with American investment (although there is British investment in there, equal to the US according to some sources - the US is NOT a minor partner as the OP is led to believe, not by a long chalk - their ethics and standards would come from the parent, which is funnily enough American), where Americans built the rig to American safety standards, yet when it all goes belly up, the Americans want to make a company they predomanantly own "British" again when it is convenient?

Tell me, where are the billions of dollars for Bhopal in a few weeks? Come on, the disaster killed 18,000 people in the first 2 weeks, and how much did the Americans gave an impoervished country, which still feels the effects 25 years on where the people affected now to total half a million people? Oh, hang on, you gave them a paltry, by comparison, $470m - and from that the Indian government had to clear up Union Carbide's mess with it- and they had to FIGHT for YEARS for that crap package! "British Petroleum has destroyed a whole coast" you say? Where the hell did you get that one from? FOX News? Try looking at a NUMBER of news sites outside of the US and you get a clearer picture, and not just the Rupert Murdoch easy-to-digest, monosyllabic crap which you happily wolf down with your breakfast cereal.

Besides, what the hell has the British Government have to do with the SCOTTISH penal and justice system? The British government have no say over devolved powers. al-Megrahi, was released and tried under the Scottish Justice system, not the British.

For those Americans who do not have a clue about devolution, here's a quick lesson - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland wanted more autonomy in how they govern themselves, so powers such as Education, Foreign Policy, Agriculture, Health and JUSTICE was devolved, so their parliaments have control over those matters. The British Government said that the release of the Lockerbie bomber was a bad idea at the time, but as they have no power over the Scottish legal and penal system (as these have been devolved), all they can do is watch.

BP and other oil companies have ties with Libya for DECADES regarding oil, including the USA, so you can hold your McCarthy witch hunt all you want, it is neither the former British Justice secretary's place to comment on Scottish matters, and as the Scottish Goverment do not feel the need to justify THEIR penal sytem, over a crime that happened in THEIR aerospace and their early release policy to the USA - it is nothing to do with the USA or British Goverments. Come on, how the hell would you feel if every other country had a pop at you over the detention of criminals and your penal code, oh, wait a minute, anyone that has disagreed have been branded "anti-west", "anti-freedom (Oh the irony!) or a "Terrorist". Okay, so seeing as, like Scotland, the USA was formerly governed by the UK, does that mean we get a say and the final word over the US penal, education and health system? Oh, hang on a second, we don't!

Pick up a book, do a little research about the world out there before you open your big, fat, stupid and ignorant gob! It doesn't take long, it doesn't hurt, and maybe you might learn a little something in the meantime!

EDIT - OP, it is nothing to do with the British nor American constitutions, you moron, it's to do with the Scottish! I thought my post made that bloody clear! If you cannot take the time to look at a single paragraph (I think my quick lesson on devolution was brief enough), which shows you are about as wrong as sandals and socks, as well as why, then you are a lost cause! It is precisely your attitude regarding anything outside of the USA which shows why a lot of people outside of the US see Americans as socially backward and ignorant.

Thank you for fulfilling the ignorant American stereotype, you are an insult to intelligent yanks!

Oh, by the way - you saying why should anyone outside of Britain give a toss about UK and Scottish parliaments, then by your logic why the hell should the rest of the world give a s**t about a massive cock up by a US-owned firm, which caused an oilspill in your back yard?
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Why do we have to say BP not British Petroleum?

Postby curadhan » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:14 pm

BP is not british it merged with merged with Amoco (formerly Standard Oil of Indiana) in December 1998, becoming BP Amoco plc. In 2000, BP Amoco acquired Arco (Atlantic Richfield Co.) and Burmah Castrol plc. In 2001 the company formally renamed itself as BP plc and adopted the tagline Beyond Petroleum.
The headquarters for the gulf of mexico is ran from BP America's headquarters is in the One Westlake Park in the Houston Energy Corridor, Texas

The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

40% british 40% american 10% russian and 10% others

The drilling rig was owned and operated by Transocean Ltd on behalf of BP, which is the majority owner of the Macondo oil field BP (65%), Anadarko (25%) and MOEX Offshore 2007 (10%) . At the time of the explosion, there were 126 crew on board; seven were employees of BP and 79 of Transocean. There were also employees of various other companies involved in the drilling operation, including Anadarko, Halliburton and M-I Swaco.

Deepwater horizion was only contracted to BP for two years since 2009 it was built in 2001 AND HAS NOT HAD A SINGLE DRY DOCK IN ALL ITS LIFE.

Why do you think British people care about a Global Oil company

one thing we do care about is the fact that our brave troops are fighting and dying alongside american ones and it seems that the some americans don't appreciate the sacrifice
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