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What is the symbol for the german dax?

What is the symbol for the german dax?

Postby kerwin » Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:25 am

The DAX 30 (also known as the Deutsche Aktien Xchange 30) represents a stock market index that is composed of the 30 of the largest companies in terms of market capitalizations that are listed on Germany's Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Notable companies that are currently in the DAX 30 include automobile manufacturers BMW and Volkswagen, and pharmaceutical companies, Merck and Bayer.

Officially, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, its symbol is DAX. However, since this is an international index, investors from US and Canada will have to use a slightly different format for finding DAX depending on which web portal you are using to search it up with.

For example, on bloomberg, you need to type in DAX:IND, where the IND denotes that its an equity index. On Yahoo Finance, the DAX 30's ticker is ^GDAXI.
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